Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG

Technical facilities

Accredited laboratories (AB 261):

  • laboratory of gas monitoring equipment testing,
  • laboratory of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC),
  • laboratory of electrical machines and equipment,
  • laboratory of cable testing and environmental testing,
  • laboratory of intrinsic-safety.

Accredited laboratory (AP 051)

Other laboratories

  • chemical analyses laboratory (solid fuels),
  • hydraulic laboratory,
  • laboratory for monitoring and visualization,
  • laboratory for vacuum switchgears – for testing electrical switching equipment,
  • laboratory for testing telecommunications equipment,
  • isotopic laboratory,
  • laboratory for testing slurries,
  • laboratory for calibrating transmission channels of measurement systems,
  • microprocessors laboratory,
  • LTS – Laboratory of Semantic Techniques in Information Technology (virtual laboratory),
  • information systems laboratory,
  • multimedia systems laboratory,
  • laboratory for developing security-enhanced IT products and systems.