Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG

Selected projects carried out in the last four years

Digital Poland Projects Centre

  • ZPA - Providing in one place analytical tools supporting decision-making processes in public administration 
  • KAP - Public Administration Directories - Improving the operation of back-office processes supporting the integrated computerization of the country in the field of building public e-services 

PFRON projects

  • Avatar - Research on the possibilities of increasing the readability of statements in Polish Sign Language by an animated virtual character 

European projects

  • ROCD – Reducing risks from Occupational exposure to Coal DustI
  • NDIRES – INformation Driven Incident RESponse
  • CIRAS – Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment Support
  • EXPRO – Prediction and mitigation of methane explosions effects for improved protection of mine infrastructure and critical equipment.
  • AVENTO – Advanced tools for ventilation and methane emissions
  • VALUESEC – Mastering the Value Function of Security Measures
  • MINFIREX – Minimising risk for and reducing impact of fire and explosion hazards in underground coal mining
  • EUREKA – System for monitoring and forecasting hazards related to mining exploitation in longwalls and faces of deep coal mines
  • EMTECH – Mine Emergency Support Technologies
  • EMIMSAR - Enhanced miner-information interaction to improve maintenance and safety with augmented reality technologies and new sensors
  • EDAFFIC - Early Detection and Fighting of Fires in belt conveyors 

Targeted projects

  • Contactor starters with independent outlet control system
  • Development and implementation of modern compact small-size low-voltage explosion-proof industrial distribution box
  • Universal low-voltage explosion-proof distribution box (up to 1200 V, 50 Hz)
  • OSCAD – Computer-aided business continuity management
  • Storage-battery locomotive (weight 12t and drive power 40 kW)
  • Hardware-software platform of the intelligent PLC network for multi-meter applications in systems that measure and settle consumed energy automatically
  • 3G mining transformer units powered by 1000 V or 500 V with secondary voltage 230 V and 133 V, 50 Hz and powers 3.5÷6.3 kVA

Structural projects

  • CRZ (Central Register of Risks) – system for the management of expert knowledge and information on security risks in rail transport”
  • OPTIMA – Achieving higher reliability and safety of SF6 (g3) gas insulated switchgear with raised rated parameters by applying an operation supervision system and a state-of-the-art solution which minimizes the results of arc faults
  • COAL-PATENT – Supporting the protection of intellectual property developed in the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG as a result of R&D works in the field of coal preparation in processing plants
  • GEO-PATENT – Supporting the protection of intellectual property developed in the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG
  • LTS – Laboratory of Semantic Technologies
  • CCMODE – Common Criteria compliant, Modular, Open IT security Development Environment

Research, development, strategic projects

  • POM-PY – Developing a prototype of the system for current measurement of the degree of pulverized coal dust in pulverized coal boilers under the acronym
  • WILDCAT– Innovative wireless communication system for pillar-chamber workings in underground mining plants 
  • PersonALL – Personalization of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment in Poland
  • BSHC – a new type of hybrid wireless sensors network for traffic monitoring of vehicles and pedestrians with data transmission and objects localization algorithms
  • OpenloTBC – Innovative digital signal transmitter made in SoC technology according to the idea open hardware and the Internet of Things
  • SEISMOBILE – Seismic mobile system for the diagnostics of ground surface of roads
  • BLAC – Implementation of high-duty synchronous motors with permanent magnets to be used in the drives of underground mining machines
  • OPENArt – modern art for everyone
  • AudioMovie – Cinema for everyone
  • KOPERNIK –“Mine surfers”
  • DISESOR – Integrated framework for supporting decisions for process-, device- and hazard monitoring systems
  • INGEO – Passive low-frequency seismic tomography system for monitoring surface geological layers.
  • MPI – Development of mobile inspection platform (M1 category) with electric drives for zones with explosion hazards
  • USTKA – Land safety system in the Central Range of Air Force in Ustka
  •  Research task no. 8 – Development of a gasometric system with automatic machine and device shut-off in case of sudden methane occurrence
  • Research task no. 6 – Development of solutions and measuring apparatus for measuring and diagnosing wires and electrical power ducts in excavations with high methane and/or coal dust explosion hazards
  • Research task no. 5 – Development of employment principles in hazardous conditions in underground mining plants
  • Research task no. 3 – Increased consumption of energy from renewable sources in the building industry
  • ITWL – System for precise evaluation of bombing and shooting in an aerial range
  • INFOMAT-E – Public information system for persons with sight and hearing dysfunctions
  • Robot – Mobile inspection robot intended for operation in areas with explosion hazards
  • ITWL2 – Development of a seismic detector module to be used in networks for monitoring airports, ports and border crossings
  • HYBRYDA – Studies on a hybrid reactive power compensation unit in underground mining networks which supply non-linear receptions
  • Osadzarka – Radiometric system of jig performance control