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Friday, 12 August 2022 09:04

Let's meet in September at EXPO Katowice!

The International EXPO KATOWICE Fair - The Energy and Metallurgical Industry Mining Fair will be held on September 6-9 at the International Congress Center and at Sławika and Antalla Square.

Despite this is a difficult period for the coal industry, there will be plenty of exhibitors. This year, over 200 companies from Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain, Italy, Turkey and the United States will present their offer of the most modern solutions for the mining, energy and alternative energy sectors.

It is worth taking part in the event, the more so because, according to the suggestions of the exhibitors, the industry scope of the fair was expanded with new thematic segments, such as EcoDom, B2Energy and Machines and Devices for Industry 4.0.

The rich trade fair agenda will be accompanied by numerous events, such as the 5th Polish Mining Congress, the Silesian Energy Storage conference and the traditional Competition for Exhibitors "INNOVATIVE PRODUCT & TECHNOLOGIES EXPO KATOWICE" and the Competition for high school students and students "INNOVATIONS in PRZEMYŚLE EXPO KATOWICE". Łukasiewicz. - EMAG has joined the ranks of this year's Competition Jury.

It is worth planning your participation today. You're welcome!

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