Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG

Privacy policy

1. Privacy policy assumptions

This privacy policy specifies information which is collected while using the following applications: Audiomovie, OpenArt, infomat-eMobile, infomat-eXpo by the INSTITUTE OF INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES EMAG (henceforth called Author). It also specifies the rules governing the use of these applications and the data collected during this use by the application User and the Author (“copyright © year 2017 EMAG, all rights reserved”).

The applications are protected by intellectual property rights and other laws, including the copyright law. EMAG is the Author of the applications and, at the same time, the administrator of data collected by these applications. EMAG is a scientific organization, based in Katowice, whose basic statutory objective is to run research and development in information technology.


2. Using the applications

The applications are accessible to the Users free of charge and can be downloaded in Internet shops/websites/services based on a licence. The licence allows the User, who downloaded the application for personal use, to use the application. The applications are used for different purposes. Audiomovie is used to supplement the contents of a movie in the cinema (audio description, subtitles, etc.). OpenArt provides descriptions of museum exhibits to visitors (particularly the blind and the deaf). The applications infomat-eMobile and infomat-eXpo provide information about selected public utility facilities as well as fairs, exhibitions, conferences, etc.

The Author holds exclusive rights to authorize third parties to use the applications or to sell them. The User of the applications is not allowed to interfere in the applications, to scan them, copy, modify, decompile, apply reverse engineering, disassemble, or try to extract the source code. Neither is the User allowed to obtain material and immaterial benefits from disseminating the applications and giving access to them to third parties or successive Users. The upgrades of the applications are available only for a fee. If the User breaches the above mentioned restrictions, he/she can be subject to criminal liability or compensatory liability in compliance with the valid Polish and international laws.

By installing the application, the User confirms that he/she agrees to the conditions laid in the privacy policy. If the User does not agree with the above conditions, he/she is not allowed to use the application.

Once the licence period has expired, the User’s rights to use the applications expire too. Then the User is obliged to uninstall the application or to stop using it. The location data provided by the applications are only for basic navigation purposes and cannot be relied on because incorrect, inadequate or insufficient data can lead to death, body injury, property damage, or environmental damage. The User explicitly confirms and accepts that he/she uses the applications at his/her own risk and that the Author cannot be held responsible for unsatisfactory quality, efficiency and accuracy of the applications. As far as the restriction is not against the law, under no circumstances the Author of the application can be held responsible for the User’s body injury, nor for incidental, specific, indirect or secondary damages resulting from or related to the use or lack of use of the applications.



3. Type of collected and processed information

The category of information collected, processed and stored by means of the application depends on the service used by the User and the rules of information collection determined in this policy and in privacy policies run by the owners of Internet platforms where the applications are placed. For example, Google Play shop and Apple AppStore collect statistical data, such as the number and frequency of the application downloads, type of devices by which the applications are downloaded, date, and country. The Author of the application has access to these data.

The Author of the application does not collect and does not store the User’s personal data which could make it possible for a third party to identify the User. The Author does not store any data that would allow to authenticate the Users in the service/shop/website. The Author does not store any data of customers who shop through Internet platforms where the application is placed. The Author of the application does not collect, transfer and give access to technical data of the device by means of which the User uses the application, such as the name of the mobile network operator, ISP, browser type, language and time zone, mobile phone number and IP address, list of applications on the device.

Information about the location is not collected in the application, thus it is not stored by the Author of the application.

The camera image is used solely to read the QR code. The camera image is not transferred through the Internet.


4. Rules of using the collected information

Statistical information, collecting remarks and opinions is done on the level of the shop/service/website. This information is used by the Author to prepare general statistics of the application downloads.

Information on the location is processed to let the User use the full functionality of the device. The application collects and processes information about its location in order to generate feedback information and to send it to the User.

No confidential information is collected from the computer.

The applications (OpenArt, infomat-eMobile, infomat-eXpo) send the data about the detected WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices or GPS location to the server in order to determine the context information for the given place. The above data are not saved. They are only used to determine the location and to return the context information to the User. In addition, the applications read a part of the image (QR code) and send the contents (not the image) of this code to the server, so that it could be possible to determine, for example, the description of an exhibit, to decipher visual materials prepared by the organizer of the event for which the User bought a ticket.

Some Internet platforms (e.g. Google Play, Apple AppStore) where the applications are published, can decide, as third parties, to collect personal data or other information which the Author of the application does not collect or to which the Author does not have access. In such a case the conditions of using the above data are regulated by the privacy policy of the given third party.

In the case of the Audiomovie application the communication between mobile applications and the backup infrastructure (cloud) is carried out with the use of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol and extra ciphering mechanisms.

Depending on the mobile platform, the Audiomovie, OpenArt, infomat-eMobile, infomat-eXpo applications can get access to the following authorizations on the mobile device:

information about the location (including the readout of the near WiFi network and the readout of the near Bluetooth devices) when the guide mode or context information about the location is launched,
photo camera to scan the QR code,
cache memory to improve the application in terms of efficiency and limitations of data sent through the network.
Depending on the mobile application, the authorization can be cancelled by changing the system settings on the device or by uninstalling the application.


5. Information protection

To get access to the application it is not necessary to register oneself so the anonymity of the User is guaranteed. In addition, the communication between the application and the server is ciphered and the access to the server is protected and supervised. Information is saved on the hard disc of the computer and remains protected there until it is deleted permanently. The access to devices and information is restricted in EMAG. People who are authorized to use the server are those who guarantee information confidentiality and their authorizations are limited to the range indispensable to fulfil their duties. The access to information is determined by the range of duties of the given employee.


6. Additional clause

The privacy policy of EMAG’s applications can be subject to changes and, after adequate approval, a new version can replace the old one. Any queries regarding the privacy policy can be sent to: IBEMAG@IBEMAG.PL. The date of THE CURRENT VERSION is 31.01.2017. The applications are placed on Internet shops and websites to which this policy is not applicable. The Author of the publication cannot be held responsible for privacy regulations valid on these websites.