Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG

Jobs and career

We are a research institute with several dozen years of experience. So far we have employed a few generations of people. The knowledge, skills and involvement of our employees are important factors which determine our successes in Poland and abroad. We appreciate both the skills and competence of experienced employees and fresh perspective of the young.
A company is made by people. Therefore we want to build a team of people who identify themselves with the Łukasiewicz - EMAG Institute’s vision and mission, are experts in their domains, and are engaged in what they do.

Our employees’ potential is our greatest asset.

If you are interested to work in the Łukasiewicz - EMAG Institute but there are no job offers that would correspond to your qualifications or expectations, please send your application documents (CV, letter of motivation) to the following postal address:

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG
Human Resources, Organization, and Communication Department
Leopolda 31, 40-189 Katowice, Poland
or by e-mail to: rekrutacja@emag.lukasiewicz.gov.pl

Your application will be analyzed once relevant job offers occur. We reserve the right to contact only selected persons.

Please add the following clause to your application:
I agree to my personal data, included in my job application, to be processed by the the Łukasiewicz - EMAG Institute for the purposes of current and future recruitment processes, in accordance with the law from 29 Aug 1997 on Personal data protection (Journal of Law No 133, item 883).

Trainings and internships

We invite university students of technology-oriented engineering faculties to apply for trainings and internships in the Łukasiewicz - EMAG Institute.

We are looking for candidates who are motivated to acquire knowledge and new experiences. Our objective is to attract valuable people who would be interested to engage in institute’s operations.

During the trainings and internships the students are supervised by the institute’s experts. The students perform certain tasks related to their educational profiles. We want them to use their knowledge and skills in practice and to benefit from this process.

We provide the following:

  • possibility to get familiar with the R&D environment,
  • contact with innovative technologies,
  • supervision of EMAG’s experienced employees,
  • friendly atmosphere which fosters the development of personal skills.

The programme and time of the training is agreed with each candidate.

We make an agreement with a school or university. Trainings and internships in the Łukasiewicz - EMAG Institute are free of charge.



We appreciate involvement, loyalty and co-operation of our employees. We encourage internal careers, therefore many of our managers are people who began their careers in the Łukasiewicz - EMAG Institute.

Personal development

Working in the Łukasiewicz - EMAG Instituteis a possibility to reach self-fulfilment, develop one’s skills and acquire certain knowledge. It is also an opportunity to participate in innovative projects. What we appreciate the most is the knowledge and enthusiasm of our employees.

We offer the following incentives in terms of personal and professional development:

  • trainings,
  • co-funding graduate and post-graduate studies as well as foreign language courses,
  • active participation in conferences and seminars.

We also offer other financial bonuses and stable employment.